Appeal to nature

“If it’s natural/organic, it’s good. If it’s chemical/synthetic, it’s bad”

You already heard that.

Let’s do this very quickly.

“If it’s natural/organic, it’s good” : In this sentence, we can define good as an ethnocentrism, so we will accept it as “good for survival or comfort of any human kind” and we can also define “natural/organic” as “anything that is untouched from Humanity”

With these two definitions, we can easily counter this argument : diseases are natural. It’s not good for you.

“If it’s chemical/synthetic, it’s bad” : “Chemical/synthetic”, in this sentence, is referenced as the opposite of “natural”.
Firstly, it’s highly probable that nothing remains untouched by Humanity. (1)
Secondly, both synthetic and natural chemicals can be bad or good.
Thirdly, most of the time, a synthetic chemical is exactly the same as a natural chemical (2)

It’s a very common sophism, that you can now avoid and counter.

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References – by DirtyBiology [Léo Grasset] (1) – by Dorea Reeser (2)

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