Is it dangerous or is it risky ?

These two terms are very important by their meaning but are too often confused. But if you want to keep a clear speech, you must know the difference. It’s pretty simple !

Danger :

The existence of a potential threat, harm or death.

Examples :
– Climbing a ladder is dangerous, because you could fall and harm yourself.
– Traveling by plane is dangerous, because you could die.
– Not being vaccinated is dangerous, because you could die and kill other people.

Risk :

The probability for a danger to happen.

Examples :
– It’s unlikely for you to fall from this ladder, it’s less likely to harm you and even less likely to kill you. So it’s not THAT risky, but hey, be careful anyway. 😉
– Traveling by plane is actually the safest way to travel, so it’s very very VERY unlikely for you to die because of it, but it might happen. So it’s not risky to take the plane (even though the risk is still real).
– Not being vaccinated is very risky because you could put yourself and others in real trouble very quickly depending on environmental factors (are the others vaccinated ? Is there any disease around that can contaminate you ? Will it kill you ? Put you in unbearable pain ? How old are you ? How vulnerable are you ? etc.).

Conclusion :

You can measure the probability of something bad to happen by using the risk and anytime you risk something is because of a potential danger.

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